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If you’re searching for the perfect middle name for your baby boy Silas, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of over 65 middle names for Silas, along with their meanings, to help you find the perfect fit.

Silas is a biblical name with a long history, and its popularity has been on the rise in recent years. In fact, in 2021, it was the 91st most popular boy name in the U.S., given to 3863 babies. Our list of middle names for Silas is carefully curated to offer unique and fresh name ideas that you won’t find elsewhere. We’ve organized the names into groups based on style, including soft, classic, modern, and gender-neutral options, so there’s something for every naming preference.

Key Takeaways

  • This article provides over 65 middle name options for the name Silas, along with their meanings.
  • The list includes soft, classic, modern, and gender-neutral names to suit different naming styles.
  • Silas is a popular biblical name with a long history and has been rising in popularity in recent years.

Table of Contents

  • Top 10 Middle Names for Silas
  • Meaning of the Name Silas
  • Soft Middle Names that Complement Silas
  • Classic Middle Names for Silas
  • Modern Middle Names for Silas
  • Gender Neutral Middle Names for Silas
  • First Names that Pair Well with Silas
  • Names Similar to Silas
  • Conclusion
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Top 10 Middle Names for Silas

If you’re looking for the perfect middle name for your baby boy Silas, here are my top 10 favorite middle names:

Middle Name Meaning
Nolan “champion”
Graham “gravelly homestead”
Harper “harp player”
Van “of” or “from”
Sawyer “woodcutter”
Jones “God is gracious”
Tove “beautiful Thor”
Crosby “village with crosses”
Porter “gatekeeper”
Arthur “bear king”

These names are popular and have a nice ring to them. Choose the best middle name for Silas that suits your taste and complements the first name.

Meaning of the Name Silas

Silas is a name of Latin and Greek origin that means “wood” or “man of the forest”. The name is derived from the Latin word Silva which means forest. It is also a biblical name found in Acts in the New Testament, where it is used with its cognate name Silvanus.

The bearer of the name Silas in the Bible was a leading member of the early Christian community who joined Paul on his missionary journey. The name Silas has been enjoying a steady rise in popularity since the 2000s. In 2021, it finally broke into the top 100 names, ranking at #91.

Silas is a name that fits in easily with current naming fashions. It has a smooth flow with only soft consonants and vowel sounds. It is also a revival of an early 1900s “grandpa” name, making it a perfect choice for parents who want a classic name with a modern twist.

Silas feels like a unique alternative to currently popular boys’ names like Elias or Lucas. It carries the cachet of an old biblical name while still sounding fresh and personable. The name has a timeless quality and can be paired with a variety of middle names to create a unique combination.

Overall, Silas is a name with a rich history and a bright future. Its popularity continues to rise, and it is a great choice for parents looking for a classic yet modern name for their baby boy.

Soft Middle Names that Go with Silas

Silas is a name with a smooth flow, and pairing it with another soft middle name can create a fluid and effortless name combo. Soft middle names that go well with Silas include Eli, Ash, Ray, Perfect, Tate, Leo, Liam, Oliver, Strong, Jackson, Jacob, Gabriel, Asher, Noah, Owen, Simon, Aiden, Levi, Zachary, and Pierce.

For instance, Silas Graham, Silas Leonel, and Silas Pierce are all excellent combinations. Other soft middle names that sound great with Silas are Bradley, Callan, Dane, Darcy, Gideon, Hugo, Landon, Marcel, Marley, Ozzy, Quincy, Rhett, and Sawyer. Silas Baker is also a handsome full name for a future Silas.

Consider using a table to organize the soft middle names that go well with Silas. Here is an example:

Soft Middle Name Meaning
Eli Ascension
Ash Ash tree
Ray Counselor
Perfect Perfect
Tate Cheerful
Leo Lion
Liam Strong-willed warrior
Oliver Olive tree
Strong Strong
Jackson Son of Jack
Jacob Supplanter
Gabriel God is my strength
Asher Blessed
Noah Rest
Owen Youthful warrior
Simon To hear
Aiden Fiery one
Levi Joined
Zachary Remembered by God
Pierce Rock

Classic Silas Middle Names

Silas is a classic name that pairs well with other traditional names. Adding a classic middle name to Silas can give it weight and polish. Arthur and Nolan are two great options for full names.

Here are some classic middle name options for Silas and their meanings:

Middle Name Meaning
Abraham Father of many
Alvin Elf friend
Arthur Bear
Benedict Blessed
Christopher Bearer of Christ
Crosby Village of crosses
Donovan Brown-haired
Edwin Rich friend
Josiah God heals
Marvin Sea friend
Nolan Champion
Preston Priest’s town
Reed Redhead
Salvador Savior
Victor Winner
Wilder Untamed

Other classic middle name options for Silas include Jack, Christopher, Matthew, Robert, Henry, Theodore, and Benjamin. Silas James, Silas Christopher, Silas Gabriel, Silas Oliver, Silas Benjamin, Silas Henry, Silas Robert, and Silas Theodore are all great full name options for those who prefer a more traditional name.

Modern Middle Names to go with Silas

If you’re looking for a contemporary middle name to complement the classic name Silas, you might consider one of these unique options. Silas Apollo has a modern edge with a meaning of “destroyer,” while Silas Jasper brings a fun and playful vibe with its meaning of “treasurer.” Other modern middle names to consider include:

  • Silas Bjorn (meaning “bear”)
  • Silas Bodhi (meaning “enlightened”)
  • Silas Cooper (meaning “barrel maker”)
  • Silas Deacon (meaning “messenger”)
  • Silas Enzo (meaning “home ruler”)
  • Silas Heath (meaning “moor dweller”)
  • Silas Iker (meaning “visitation”)
  • Silas Jones (meaning “God is gracious”)
  • Silas Kane (meaning “warrior, man, golden”)
  • Silas Kendrick (meaning “champion”)
  • Silas Mateo (meaning “God’s gift”)
  • Silas Porter (meaning “doorman”)
  • Silas Raiden (meaning “God of thunder and lightning”)
  • Silas Van (meaning “marsh”)
  • Silas Walker (meaning “fuller of cloth”)

Whether you’re looking for a name with a unique meaning or a modern twist on a classic name, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to middle names for Silas.

Gender Neutral Middle Names for Silas

Unisex middle names are a fashionable and flexible option for your future baby. When paired with Silas’s ‘man of the woods’ vibe, the gender-neutral middle names below give balance and versatility.

Of the neutral names below, Silas Marin and Silas Harper are particularly fetching. Marin means ‘of the sea,’ while Harper means ‘harpist.’ These names evoke a sense of life and nature, respectively, which pairs well with Silas’s earthy vibe.

Other gender-neutral middle names for Silas include Cary (stream; pure), Channing (wolf cub), Ellery (joyful), Harlan (rocky land), Henley (high meadow), Kieran (little dark one), Kinsley (king’s meadow), Milan (gracious), Murphy (sea warrior), Oakley (meadow of oak trees), Peyton (warrior’s estate), Reign (sovereign), Rylan (island meadow), and Tove (beautiful).

To help you choose the perfect middle name for Silas, we’ve compiled a table with the meanings of each name. This table makes it easy to compare and contrast the various options and find the perfect name for your little one.

Name Meaning
Cary Stream; Pure
Channing Wolf Cub
Ellery Joyful
Harlan Rocky Land
Harper Harpist
Henley High Meadow
Kieran Little Dark One
Kinsley King’s Meadow
Marin Of the Sea
Milan Gracious
Murphy Sea Warrior
Oakley Meadow of Oak Trees
Peyton Warrior’s Estate
Reign Sovereign
Rylan Island Meadow
Tove Beautiful

In conclusion, choosing a gender-neutral middle name for Silas is a great way to give your baby flexibility and balance. Whether you choose a name that evokes life, nature, peace, or power, there are plenty of options to choose from.

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First Names that go with Silas

Silas is a versatile name that pairs well with many first names. Here are some options to consider:

  • Abraham Silas
  • Evan Silas
  • Houston Silas
  • Jordan Silas
  • Nolan Silas
  • Vincent Silas

These names have a nice flow and balance when paired with Silas as a middle name.

Names Similar to Silas

If you’re drawn to the name Silas, you may also like these names with a similar feel:

  • Atticus
  • Elias
  • Josiah
  • Sawyer
  • Silvanus
  • Simon
  • Tobias

These names share a similar vibe to Silas and could be great options for your little one.


Choosing a name for your baby is an exciting but challenging task. When selecting a name for Silas, consider the latest trends, the full name search, possible nicknames, and the initials. You can check the baby name popularity tool to see how the chosen name is trending. Additionally, make sure the first and middle names together do not reference anything inappropriate. Don’t forget to consider the initials and ensure they don’t spell out anything notable. Finally, check out this guide to used baby gear to prepare for your new arrival.

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