Hello Bello vs Honest Diapers Review: Which is the Best Diaper Brand?




If you’re looking for an in-depth comparison of eco-friendly diaper brands, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll be comparing Hello Bello vs. the Honest Company diapers to help you determine which one is the better choice for your baby.

To provide you with the most accurate information, we conducted absorption experiments and real-life field testing to see how these diapers performed. We’ll also be covering other important factors such as overnight performance, cost, ingredients, comfort and fit, and the look of each diaper brand.

So, if you’re ready to find out which diaper brand comes out on top, keep reading. And be sure to check out our other diaper reviews for even more helpful information.

Key Takeaways

  • This article provides an in-depth comparison of Hello Bello vs. the Honest Company diapers.
  • We conducted absorption experiments and real-life field testing to provide accurate information.
  • Factors such as overnight performance, cost, ingredients, comfort and fit, and the look of each diaper brand will be covered.

Size of Hello Bello & Honest Diapers

If you’re looking for the right diaper size for your baby, you might want to consider the size ranges offered by Hello Bello and Honest diapers. Both brands have different size ranges for size 3 diapers.

Honest diapers fit babies from 16-28 lbs, while Hello Bello has a smaller fit at 16-24 lbs. Despite this, Honest diapers are actually smaller than Hello Bello diapers, with an inch shorter front and three-quarters of an inch shorter back. The waistband circumferences for both brands are essentially the same.

Hello Bello offers diapers from size newborn to size 6 (35+ lbs.), while Honest diapers offer up to size 7 (41+ lbs.). Honest diapers get a point for offering a size 7, which is nice for bigger kids who may still need diapers. However, it’s worth noting that Hello Bello’s size 6 diapers may be bigger than Honest’s size 7 diapers.

Overall, when it comes to sizing, both Hello Bello and Honest diapers have their own strengths. Hello Bello may be a better choice for parents who prefer a larger fitting diaper for money-saving reasons, while Honest may be a better choice for parents of bigger kids who still need diapers.

Absorbency Testing

Honest Company Diapers Absorption Test Results

In our experimental absorption tests, Honest Company diapers performed well at the beginning. At 50 mL and 100 mL, there was only slight dampness on the paper towel test. At 150 mL, they were only a little wet. However, performance started to lag at the 200 mL mark. At 250 mL and 300 mL, the absorption visibly slowed down, and the paper towel test was wet but not soaked. By 350 mL, the diaper was still working to absorb the liquid at 25 seconds, and the paper towel was definitely wet. When watching the diaper absorb, the liquid seemed to pool in the channels between the core-filling bifurcations. Impressively, by 25 seconds, the diaper was able to absorb all the pooled liquid even at the highest volumes. After a resting period, the diaper was dry for the final paper towel test.

Hello Bello Diapers Absorption Test Results

Hello Bello diapers did not have the best absorption efficiency results in our tests, which was surprising since they worked well on our baby. Upon investigation, it appears that Hello Bello diapers have an additional absorbent liner that does not wick liquid away as quickly as the polymer bead filling. Presumably, this extra layer adds to overall absorption capacity, even though it decreases the immediate absorption efficiency. From the very first pour, the Hello Bello diaper had slight wetness on the paper towel after 25 seconds. From 100 mL to 200 mL, the diaper had some wetness on this extra layer. You can see the absorption experiment test results in the gif below.

Hello Bello’s absorption visually slowed down at the 250 and 300 mL marks, with paper towel tests that were wet but not soaked. The final 350 mL pour was significantly wet. After a rest period, the diaper had a dry paper towel test but felt very slightly wet to the touch.

In conclusion, Honest diapers had a slight edge on Hello Bello diapers because of their better performance at low volumes. The diapers’ performance was comparable in the latter part of the experiment, from the 200 mL pour on.

Overnight Performance

When it comes to overnight performance, Honest diapers did not work well for one user. Although they seemed to do okay at first, the baby started sleeping an hour longer than usual and woke up all wet. The pajamas and sleep sack were repeatedly soaked four nights in a row. This was much wetter than other diapers that the user had tried, and was a surprising and disappointing result for a premium diaper. As a result, the user stopped using Honest diapers at night.

On the other hand, Hello Bello’s diapers have worked well for the same user as night diapers. Even before testing, the user used Hello Bello’s diapers for overnights and felt that they could trust them. Occasionally, the baby would wake up with the outer shell of the diaper feeling damp, but not enough to leak through her clothes. The night performance of the regular Hello Bello’s were almost on par with their specific overnight version.

Overall, Hello Bello wins in terms of overnight performance, with solid performance compared to Honest diapers’ surprisingly poor performance. It is important to note that every baby is different, and what works well for one may not work as well for another. It is always a good idea to test out different brands and styles to find the right one for your baby’s needs.

Cost of Hello Bello vs. Honest Diapers

Subscription Bundle Costs

When comparing subscription bundle costs, Hello Bello’s bundle boxes are generally priced about $10 lower than Honest Co. diaper bundles, depending on promotions. Both companies offer seven packs of diapers and four packs of wipes in their boxes. In addition, Hello Bello provides a freebie of your choice in the first box, such as lotion, supplements, or swim diapers. On the other hand, Honest Company offers a “build your own bundle” subscription where you can select five items, including diapers. While both companies provide promo codes for the first subscription bundle, Hello Bello usually offers larger discounts, with potential savings of up to 40% with certain promo codes. In contrast, the best promo code available for Honest diaper bundles currently offers a 15% discount.

Retail Store Costs

In terms of retail store costs, Hello Bello diapers are also priced lower than Honest diapers. However, it’s important to note that both Hello Bello and Honest Co. diapers are considered name brands, and their costs reflect that. When purchased in a store, Hello Bello prices are comparable to Pampers or Huggies, while Honest diapers are even pricier, similar to Pampers Pure or Seventh Generation. Ultimately, Hello Bello diapers are more budget-friendly, offering a lower cost per diaper compared to Honest diapers as of January 2023.

It’s worth mentioning that regardless of the brand chosen, opting for either Hello Bello or Honest diapers will at least double your diaper cost compared to store brand diapers. If you’re interested in exploring store brand options, you can refer to a review of Target Up & Up vs. Amazon Mama Bear diapers for a comparison.

Ingredients of Hello Bello vs. Honest Co. Diapers

Both Hello Bello and Honest Co. brand themselves as hypoallergenic and eco-friendly. They make similar eco-efforts and are fragrance-free and chlorine-free. Both diapers use sustainable harvesting for their pulp materials and are free of latex and parabens. However, neither diaper is biodegradable and both include plastic fibers, which makes some of their eco-friendliness feel like green-washing.

When it comes to the ingredients of each diaper, there are some differences. Honest Co. diapers have an absorbent bio-core made of totally chlorine-free wood pulp from sustainably managed forests, sodium polyacrylate containing renewable materials, citrus extract (odor inhibitors), and liquid chlorophyll (odor inhibitors). The outer layer is plant-based PLA, and the inner layer is made of polyethylene and polypropylene. The leg and waist system is made of polymer spandex and polypropylene, while the seams and joints are made of polyolefin adhesives. Design inks are also used.

On the other hand, Hello Bello diapers have an absorbent filling that contains an absorbent polymer and totally chlorine-free fluff pulp from sustainably managed forests. The shell is made of polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester non-woven fibers, plant-derived PLA non-woven fiber, spandex, and an elastomeric film.

Both diapers are latex-free and phthalate-free. The fluff pulp used in both diapers is clean and free of harmful substances. However, neither diaper is chemical-free, and both contain synthetic materials.

In conclusion, both Hello Bello and Honest Co. diapers are similar in their eco-efforts and ingredients. They are free of harmful substances, hypoallergenic, and made of sustainable materials. However, they are not biodegradable and still contain synthetic materials.

Are Hello Bello and Honest Diapers Made in the USA?

Hello Bello diapers are partly made in the USA and partly made in Canada. The company is transitioning its production from Canada to the United States, so some of their diaper patterns have “Made in the USA” labels on them while others do not. On the other hand, Honest diapers do not appear to be made in the USA. According to a CNN article from a few years ago, they are made in Mexico. However, Honest’s website does not address this directly.

Comfort of Honest Company vs. Hello Bello Diapers

When it comes to choosing between Honest Company and Hello Bello diapers, both brands offer comfortable options for your baby. Hello Bello diapers are slightly softer than Honest diapers, with a smooth inner liner. Honest diapers, on the other hand, have a textured inner liner. However, the difference in softness is subtle, and both brands offer soft and comfortable diapers.

In terms of bulkiness, Honest diapers divide their inner filling into channels to keep the bulkiness evenly distributed. This feature is not commonly found in most diapers and helps prevent the filling from bunching up as your baby moves around.

Both Honest and Hello Bello newborn diapers have space for the umbilical stump, making them comfortable options for your newborn baby.

Overall, both Honest and Hello Bello diapers offer comfortable and soft options for your baby, with Honest diapers having the added premium feature of dividing their inner filling into channels to prevent bunching up.

Fit & Secureness of Honest vs. Hello Bello Diapers

When it comes to the fit of Honest vs. Hello Bello diapers, both brands provide good and comparable fits. However, there are some differences worth noting. Honest diapers have more ruching and stretch in their back waistband compared to Hello Bello waistbands, which have some ruching but provide very little give.

Both brands have comparable tabs that attach securely and offer some stretch, but not too much. We found no issues with either diaper staying on and staying in place as our baby crawled around.

In sizes 1 and 2, Honest diapers include a back waistband pocket that helps reduce poop blowouts, which is a luxury feature missing from Hello Bello’s diapers. Therefore, Honest diapers win in this category due to this additional feature.

Overall, both brands provide a secure fit for your baby, but Honest’s back waistband pocket in sizes 1 and 2 gives it an edge over Hello Bello’s diapers.

Look of Hello Bello vs. Honest Diapers

When it comes to the look of Hello Bello and Honest diapers, both companies offer cute designs that are regularly updated. However, Honest Company has the edge in terms of design options if you buy their diapers outside of a subscription. If you buy Hello Bello outside of their subscription, the design options are quite limited and varied by size.

Neither Hello Bello nor Honest Company include size up indicators. However, Honest diapers include wetness indicators on all sizes, while Hello Bello only has them up until size 3.

Overall, both companies offer cute designs, but Honest Company has the advantage in terms of design options outside of a subscription. If you’re looking for a wider range of cute designs, Honest Company may be the better choice for you.

Conclusion: Which Diaper is Better?

After comparing Honest and Hello Bello diapers, it’s clear that both brands have their pros and cons. However, Hello Bello diapers come out on top for several reasons.

Firstly, Hello Bello diapers are cheaper than Honest diapers, making them a more affordable option. Additionally, Hello Bello diapers have better overnight performance and are more comfortable for babies to wear, which is important for their overall wellbeing.

Although Honest diapers originally differentiated themselves as an eco-friendly option, Hello Bello has also moved into this space by using sustainable harvesting and chlorine-free processing. Both brands have similar ingredients, so there is no clear winner in this category.

Overall, Hello Bello diapers offer more value for your money and perform better than Honest diapers. However, it’s important to note that both brands are more expensive than store-brand alternatives. If you’re looking to save money, it may be worth considering store-brand diapers instead.

In terms of manufacturing, Honest diapers are made in Mexico while Hello Bello diapers are made in the USA and Canada. This may be a factor for some people who prefer to buy products made in their own country.

Ultimately, the decision of which diaper brand to choose comes down to personal preference and priorities. Hello Bello offers a subscription service with free gifts and add-ons, which may be a deciding factor for some. However, if you’re looking for the best quality diapers, Hello Bello is the clear winner between the two.

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