BJ’s Berkley Jensen Diapers Review: Affordable and Reliable Option for Your Baby’s Needs




If you’re a parent looking for a reliable and cost-effective diaper option, you might be considering BJ’s Wholesale Club’s Berkley Jensen diapers. BJ’s is a membership club similar to Costco and Sam’s Club, and they offer a line of store brand items, including their house diapers Berkley Jensen. But before you commit to purchasing a big box of BJ’s diapers, you’ll want to read this in-depth review of how they performed when tested on a baby.

In this review, we’ll cover the size, absorption, overnight use, cost, ingredients, comfort, secureness, and look of BJ’s Berkley Jensen diapers. We also conducted real-world testing on our baby and ran absorbency tests on the diapers, which we documented with photos and animations so you can see for yourself how they perform. So, if you’re curious about whether BJ’s Berkley Jensen diapers are a good buy, keep reading to find out.

Key Takeaways

  • BJ’s Wholesale Club offers a line of store brand items, including their house diapers Berkley Jensen.
  • This in-depth review covers the size, absorption, overnight use, cost, ingredients, comfort, secureness, and look of BJ’s Berkley Jensen diapers.
  • Real-world testing and absorbency tests were conducted to provide a detailed analysis of how these diapers perform.

Size of BJ Berkley Jensen Diapers

BJ’s Berkley Jensen diapers are known to run large compared to other diaper brands at the same size. For example, their size 3 diaper is longer than both Target’s Up & Up and Huggies’ Little Movers with longer waist tabs. Here are some measurements to compare:

BJ’s Huggies Movers
Height 8.75″ (back height) 8.5″
Width 4.5″ 4.5″
Between Legs 3.25″ 3.25″
Front waistband 10.5″ 9.75″
Velcro Strip 5.5″ 7.5″
Back waistband 12″ 9″
Back waistband stretched 14″ 11″

At the time of writing, BJ’s only offers diapers in sizes 2-6. Their size 2 diaper fits babies weighing 12-18 pounds, while their size 6 diaper accommodates babies over 35 pounds. It is important to note that other diaper brands offer sizes starting from newborn up to size 7, so BJ’s diapers have more limited sizing options available.

If you are considering purchasing BJ’s Berkley Jensen diapers, keep in mind that they run large and you may need to adjust the size you purchase accordingly.

Real World Testing of Berkley Jensen Diapers

If you’re a parent, you know that choosing the right diaper is crucial for your baby’s health and comfort. Unfortunately, some diapers don’t perform as well as others. One such diaper is the Berkley Jensen Diaper. Based on real-world tests, it was found that these diapers are not as absorbent as other brands, leading to dampness and irritation on the baby’s skin. Additionally, they tend to leak more frequently than other brands, making them unreliable for long-term use.

Despite these performance issues, Berkley Jensen Diapers do have some positive aspects. They are made for daily wear and have moisture-wicking material to keep the baby’s skin dry. They also have 12-hour leak prevention, which should be sufficient for short-term use.

Overall, if you’re considering using Berkley Jensen Diapers, it’s important to keep in mind their performance issues and consider other brands that may be more reliable.

BJ’s Diaper Absorption Review

When it comes to diaper performance, absorbency is a key factor. Based on a real-world experience with BJ’s diapers, it was surprising to find out that they performed very well on a lab testing absorption experiment. In this experiment, the diaper was tested for its absorbency by pouring approximately 50mL of dyed water onto it. The experiment was repeated every 5 seconds to document the absorption.

At 25 seconds, a paper towel was used to check how well the diaper absorbed the liquid. This was repeated for a total of 350mL, which was selected to emulate infant bladder capacity and rough daily urine output. The BJ’s diaper did very well on the absorption test. The paper towel came away completely dry until 200mL, and there was only slight wetness at 200mL and 250mL. The performance started to fall off at 300mL and was wet by 350mL.

It is important to note that the real-world experience with BJ’s diapers did not match this lab testing absorption. It is unclear if the change in performance between wetting intervals may explain why the real-world experience was such a big departure from this lab testing absorption. Another theory is that the absorbent filling works but gets bunched up during real wear and doesn’t provide complete coverage.

Despite the discrepancy between the real-world experience and the lab testing absorption, the BJ’s diaper was left to rest for about 10 minutes before it was tested again and cut in half. The paper towel came away dry, and it felt only a little wet to the touch.

In conclusion, BJ’s diapers performed well in a lab testing absorption experiment, but the real-world experience did not match this performance. It is unclear why there was such a discrepancy, but it is possible that the absorbent filling gets bunched up during real wear and doesn’t provide complete coverage. It is important to keep in mind that absorption is just one factor to consider when choosing a diaper. Other factors, such as leakage and wetness indicators, should also be taken into account.

Overnight Use of BJ’s Diapers

Using BJ’s diapers for overnight use may not be the best choice for your baby. While the diapers are designed for daily wear, they may not hold up well for overnight use. Some parents have reported that their babies woke up wet with leaks through their clothes and sheets after using BJ’s diapers for overnight wear. It is important to ensure that your baby stays dry and comfortable throughout the night to prevent skin irritation.

Cost of BJ’s Berkley Jensen Diapers

If you’re looking to save money on diapers, BJ’s Wholesale Club offers a solution with their house brand Berkley Jensen diapers. As of Oct. 2022, a size 3 Berkley Jensen diaper costs approximately $0.16 per diaper, which is about half the price of name brands like Pampers and Huggies.

While BJ’s diapers are cheaper than name brands, they are slightly more expensive than other generic store brands like Target’s Up & Up and Wal-Mart’s Parents’ Choice diapers. For instance, a box of 210 BJ’s size 3 diapers costs $32.99, while the same sized box of Wal-Mart diapers costs $25.00 (as of Oct. 2022).

Overall, BJ’s Berkley Jensen diapers offer a cost-effective option for families looking to save money on diapers without sacrificing quality.

Review of BJ’s Diaper Ingredients

BJ’s diapers claim to be free from harsh ingredients, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, latex-free, and lotion-free. However, there is no information available about the specific ingredients used in these diapers. This lack of transparency is disappointing, especially when compared to other major diaper brands like Huggies, Pampers, and Mama Bear, which all share at least some ingredient information. It is unclear if the absence of certain ingredients in BJ’s diapers makes them less likely to cause diaper rash or irritation in babies with sensitive skin.

Comfort of BJ’s Diapers

When it comes to the comfort of BJ’s diapers, there are some pros and cons to consider. The inner lining of the diaper is softer than the outer shell, but it still doesn’t compare in softness to some of the other popular diaper brands like Mama Bear or Huggies. However, the flexible leg elastics do provide a comfortable fit for your baby.

One downside to BJ’s diapers is their bulkiness. The filling of the diaper can easily bunch up and shift around, which can create a big lump in the diaper and cause discomfort for your baby. Additionally, the clumping of the internal filling may affect the diaper’s performance in terms of absorption.

On the positive side, BJ’s diapers do have a breathable outer cover, which helps keep your baby’s skin dry and comfortable. The moisture-wicking material also helps prevent leaks and keeps your baby’s skin dry for up to 12 hours. Overall, while BJ’s diapers may not be the softest or most form-fitting option on the market, they do offer some comfort features that may work well for your baby.

Secureness of Berkley Jensen Diapers

BJ’s diapers may seem to have a secure fit when strapped on a baby, but some customers have reported leakage issues due to the inner filling shifting and bunching with wear. This clumpiness was noticeable even when the baby had not peed much in the diaper, causing sagging and spots with less filling than other places.

The waistband of BJ’s diapers is larger than other diapers, and on skinny babies, the tabs may meet in the middle. However, the waistband has elastic in the back and good stretch, which helps in getting a good fit, especially for chunkier babies. BJ’s diaper tabs have some stretch to them, and they don’t seem to stretch on light tugging but have good give when diapering an actual baby.

Since BJ’s diapers run big, they may not initially fit a baby when other size 3 diapers do. However, once the baby grows into them, an okay fit can be achieved when putting the diaper on. The velcro part of the diaper where the tabs fasten feels much smoother and less obvious than other diaper brands. Customers have not reported any tabs coming unfastened over the approximately 200 diapers used.

Overall, BJ’s diapers have good elasticity in the waistband and tabs, but the inner filling may shift and bunch, causing leakage issues. While the waistband may be larger than other diapers, it has good stretch and can fit chunkier babies well.

Look of Berkley Jensen Diapers

Berkley Jensen Diapers, available at BJ’s, feature wetness indicators to help you know when it’s time for a change. However, they do not have size up markers to let you know when it’s time to buy the next size up diapers. The diapers come in two patterns on the outside shells for size 3 diapers: teal, gray and light orange wavy lines or polka dots.

Berkley Jensen Diapers Review Conclusion

Based on our real-world testing, BJ’s Berkley Jensen diapers did not perform well. Our baby’s skin was often left damp, and sometimes developed rashes requiring diaper cream. The absorbent filling clumped up in strange ways, leading to leaks even under mild wear. We couldn’t trust these diapers to keep our baby dry overnight.

Despite performing well in absorption tests, we would not recommend BJ’s diapers due to their poor performance in real-world use. The absorption test results did not match our experience, and we suspect that the clumping of the filling may have been a factor.

Additionally, BJ’s diapers are not even the cheapest option available. Other store brands, such as Mama Bear, Up & Up, and Parent’s Choice, offer better performance at lower prices. We recommend skipping BJ’s diapers in favor of these better options.

If you need help deciding which brand to choose, we have compared Mama Bear vs. Up and Up Diapers, Mama Bear vs. Pampers Diapers, and Up and Up vs. Pampers Diapers in our other diaper comparisons.

Overall, based on our experience, we cannot recommend BJ’s Berkley Jensen diapers. We suggest trying other store brands to find a diaper that works well for your baby and your budget.

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